Sep 062004
Authors: Andrew Nuth

Never have the paparazzi been more despicable.

Bo Laramie, played by Cole Hauser, has just made it big as an action hero in the movie “Adrenaline Force.” Now, he is being hounded by a group of four paparazzi who ignore all moral and privacy issues just to get the best photo. Bo seems like a regular guy thrown into the Hollywood culture and is in way over his head. At first, Bo can deal with the extra attention, but then the paparazzi begin to interfere with his family.

When Bo and his family are driving home one evening, the Paparazzi chase him and cause him to crash his car. This puts his son in a coma and injures his wife. The vicious way they invade Bo’s privacy makes it very easy to hate the paparazzi.

After the car wreck, Bo begins to take revenge on the group of paparazzi.

Bo is a great character; it is easy to like him and root for him throughout the movie, because he seems like a normal guy. The paparazzi are the characters we love to hate. They are led by Rex, played by Tom Sizemore, who is one of the biggest jerks to ever appear in a movie. Rex encourages unfair practices to get pictures, and has no problem with destroying someone’s life just to make a few dollars. They cause problems for Bo, invade his and his family’s privacy, and even take pictures of his family as they are sitting unconscious in their car after the accident.

As one would expect, the police get involved. It is refreshing to have a cop who is not the stereotypical oblivious police officer on the case. Detective Burton, played by Dennis Farina who also stars in “Get Shorty,” is an intelligent character who is constantly on Bo’s tail, and who doesn’t miss a clue.

While the plot is simple, it will keep viewers guessing until the end. It is ironic that this role could send Hauser to bigger and better movies, and the real paparazzi could gain interest in him.

Paparazzi is an exciting movie with great acting all around.

Three and one half out of four.

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