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Sep 062004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Congratulations Rams, you have certainly earned it.

This weekend CSU athletes and students showed that they could play hard on the field and play responsibly off of it.

Although we didn’t bring home a win on Saturday, Rams took the high road many times in the Buffalo encounter. This high road includes our team’s choice to attempt a last-second touchdown as opposed to a nearly guaranteed kick to tie. Some people may doubt this coaching strategy, but it shows CSU’s coaches and players have guts and the conviction to go for it all.

Quarterback Justin Holland’s tears solidified his commitment and guts; Rams fans should take pride in their new quarterback.

Now on to something just as deserving of praise: a pat on the back to all those who refrained from rioting this weekend. Everyone doubted us, the administration sent out mass letters of warning and police went on high alert, but even in the face of a CU defeat and taunting Buffs fans, CSU students remained respectable.

How quickly things change.

In one week Rams reputations went from violent partiers without a chance against our biggest rival to a group with restraint and comeback in its blood.

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