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Authors: Lila Hickey

Editors note: The url of the Web site mentioned in this article

was withheld due to its offensive name.

A link to a racist business posted on a Web site for CSU

students early last week prompted outrage and swift action.

“I can’t understand why a person would create a site like that

in the first place,” said James Yamamoto, who owns CSU Connection,, the Web site where the link was posted. “I

removed it promptly.”

Yamamoto, a senior natural resource recreation and tourism

major, created CSU Connection in March 2003. The Web site, which is

not affiliated with the university, was a place for students to

find links to funny Web sites and clips. As more and more people

visited the site and e-mailed him links to add, going through their

e-mails and posting all the sites became a chore. Instead, Yamamoto

decided to follow in the tracks of similar Web sites.

“Links that were submitted were automatically posted for that

day without me having to do anything. In this way, the content was

visitor driven and I really didn’t have to do much,” he said.

Yamamoto sent an e-mail to the student body, on Aug. 17,

advertising CSU Connections, a Web site designed to provide “daily

funny links,” and its sister site, CSU Forums,, an open discussion site for


Last week an anonymous poster submitted a link to another Web

site that publicizes itself as an alternative Web hosting business

for the “white Internet community.” Many students that visited CSU

Connections found the racist link prominently posted on the


Yamamoto, who removed the link as soon as it was brought to his

attention, has started manually checking each link submitted to his


“Due to the amount of links I receive, it does take quite a bit

more time now, but I think it’s necessary because it’s evident that

visitors abused the fact that I didn’t see the links that were

being posted,” Yamamoto said.

Yamamoto added that he does not mind the extra work involved in

personally checking each link.

“Keeping the links clean is top priority,” he said.

“It’s sad that people still think like that,” said Shaneika

Williams, a sophomore human development and family studies major.

“But what can you do about people’s thoughts?”

Tony Daniels, the assistant director of Black Student Services,

said hate speech like that advertised by the Web hosting business

has lost the power to shock him. Instead, he looks at the incident

as a reminder that there is much to be done in the fight against


Diversity and multiculturalism needs to be everyday, not just a

certain day or month,” Daniels said. “We’ve got to keep working and


Understanding an individual’s history and motives can be

difficult, Daniels said, but he believes it is critical to

eliminating racism and hate speech.

“To hate is easy,” he said.

Khala McAfee, a senior English education major, said the racist

Web site saddened but did not surprise her.

“I don’t think it shocks the African-American community. I think

it shocks the majority,” McAfee said. She said outrage is an

important part of eliminating racism.

Yamamoto said the racist Web site’s content shocked him, as did

the fact that someone advertised the site on CSU Connection.

“I find it unfortunate that some visitors have to ruin the fun

for others by doing such things,” he said. “I hope that the site’s

reputation as a fun and outgoing humor site isn’t hurt.

An e-mailed response from the racist Web site’s administrative

contact confirmed that the Web site is not a joke.

“That’s infuriating, that it’s an actual service,” said

Christina Dodson, a sophomore environmental engineering major.

Questions about the Web site’s owner were not answered, and a

Web search revealed that the company is registered with Protect

Fly, a service that shields Web site domain registration



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