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Sep 022004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Rams fans, this weekend let’s show University of

Colorado-Boulder that we are superior in maturity and football.

CU holds a reputation for riots and trouble. With the recent

riots at CSU, the Buffaloes may think that they can easily get a

rise out of the Rams. We hope that you will prove them wrong.

If challenged by a student from Boulder, take the high road and

don’t respond to ignorance. Keeping cool in the midst of such a hot

rivalry might be difficult, but this is where CSU can take back the

honorable reputation that has been disappearing so far this


The students, not the alumni, will be representing CSU this

weekend. The behavior of the Rams who go to Boulder and those who

attend the game will be watched.

With that in mind, think before taking action. The students and

the environment at CSU are very different from CU; a fact that

strikes pride in many students here.

For those who stay in Fort Collins and watch the game from home,

set a good example as well.

Let’s not only support our team this weekend, but also maintain

the reputation of CSU.

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