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Authors: Lindsay Reiter

This year marks the 76th anniversary of the football rivalry

between CSU and the University of Colorado-Boulder.

In the last 75 games, CU has won 55, CSU has won 18 and two of

the games ended in a tie.

The past six games have been played in Denver, where each teams

has won three games.

CSU’s longest winning streak against CU was three games in a

row, a record the team has reached twice. However, CU won 12 games

in a row from 1934 to1947.

While the odds seem to be against the Rams, both campuses feel

they are facing a tough opponent.

Patrick Gleason, a senior communication major at CU and employee

for Athletics and Business Affairs, is excited to see how the game

plays out.

“CSU is a big school and a worthy opponent,” Gleason said. “This

is a huge in-state rivalry going on since the late 1800s. Having

two teams who dislike each other so much and who are so close

together creates a very high-tension atmosphere.”

Since the game is being held at CU’s Folsom Field this year,

school spirit and an old rivalry may affect the game’s outcome.

“We both have really strong teams,” said Priyanka Thummalapally,

a sophomore computer science major from CU. “Both of us want to be

the best but we are just such big rivals.”

Despite the effort of both teams, Thummalapally feels confident

that home-team advantage will prevail.

“I think that since it is at CU we feel like we’re at home

because there is more spirit,” she said. “It will set a great

atmosphere for the first few weeks of school if we win.”

CSU students are going to Boulder in high hopes of defeating the


“CU has a tradition of good football teams so if we can beat CU

then we know we have a really good team. I think we’ll win the game

because CU doesn’t have as good of a team as they normally do based

on what happened with their team this winter,” said Jake Meng, a

CSU freshman political science major.

The Fort Collins community often adds fuel under the rivalry’s


“It is not only the students that this game is important to, it

is also important to the community. People who are involved or have

been involved with the university in the past also support the

team,” said Gary Ozzello, senior associate athletic director.

“Our practices have gone well and coach (Sonny) Lubick is

excited about the team and anxious to get the season under way.

This is an in-state rivalry. We have had some great games the past

couple of years and I think this year both schools are fighting for

bragging rights.”

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