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Authors: Eric Klamper

When giggling resonates across the Lory Student Center Plaza or off the walls inside the Clark Building, don’t be surprised to find that Bobby Hodge is the source of the laughter.

Hodge, a senior English major, is one of CSU’s potentially famous students. His comedy has won him several competitions here in Fort Collins and even landed him a spot in the lineup at Denver’s well-known Comedy Works. The Collegian laughed it up with Hodge after one of his shows.

The Collegian: A lot of women claim that their biggest turnon in a man is his sense of humor. Is this something you can validate?

Hodge: Not really. Half the time I’ll go up and get a girl to laugh but the other half, she’ll cry because my humor doesn’t make up for my shockingly hideous appearance.

Ever had a heckler try to ruin one of your shows?

Hodge: I had a couple hecklers at this one show from CU. They were booing me for being from CSU. When they said that they were CU students, I told the girls in the audience to be sure and cover their drinks.

As a black man living in such a predominantly white town, do you ever use your comedy to deal with situations brought up from being a minority?

Hodge: Thanks for noticing. Yea, it’s a good outlet, but I’m really just making fun of all the things that people are already noticing. I just make light of some of the things that some people are still not really comfortable with.

What exactly is “jungle fever”?

Hodge: Jungle fever is a drink. I believe it’s native to the northernmost island of New Zealand. I had it once, it was made of hot sauce and fruit particles. Not too bad.

You seem to have the “gift of gab.” When did you develop this verbal agility?

Hodge: I started out just funny looking and my father told me that I needed some kind of skill if I was gonna make it. I was never strong enough to pick on my friends physically so I just learned to abuse them mentally and somehow it became comedy.

Is there anything you want to announce right now while you have this prestigious publication to use as a platform?

Hodge: Just one thing … Alicia Keys, please marry me.

Hodge will be performing again on Sept. 28 at the Comedy Works in Denver and in Fort Collins at C.B. and Potts and Sullivan’s throughout the year.

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