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Authors: Erin Tracy

Broke? Can’t afford food? Can’t take that special someone on a date? Don’t sweat – CSU coupons can help even the tightest budget work.

From bagels to pizza, hair cuts to eye exams, coupons for you to use with a group of friends can be found in these free miniature books.

Say, for instance, you ask that hot (guy or girl) to go out one night but realize you have very minimal money in your pocket. Start off the evening by going to Avogadro’s Number, 605 S. Mason St., with some friends – just keep it to yourself that the coupon in your pocket says, “Buy one, get one free” for any sandwich of equal or lesser value.

Prices on sandwiches range from $3.75 to $5.95, and Avogadro’s Number has entertainment three nights a week. Swing dancing is every Monday night at 7:30 p.m., Bluegrass Jam every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. and Open Mike every Thursday at 8:30 p.m.

After a filling meal, go to Buffalo Video and DVD, 2721 S. College Ave. The coupon book says, “Rent any DVD, game or VHS and get a rental of equal or lesser value free.” Watch one movie that night and make plans to see the other movie another night – just don’t get late charges.

Since the first date went so well, date number two is a sure thing. This time pick your date up in the mid to late morning for breakfast and go to Caf/ Bluebird, 524 W. Laurel St. This coupon reads, “Buy one entr/e, get one entr/e half price.” Prices range from $4.50 to $8.25.

After breakfast head to Sunset Beach, 1121 W. Elizabeth Ave., for a Mystic Tan. Bronze your pasty bodies with a spray on tan, which is a safe and entertaining way to get the color you’ve lost since summer. This coupon is for a half price tan when the first tan is purchased. The regular cost of a mystic tan at Sunset Beach is $25.

After you have bronzed your bodies, it is time for a little action, so head to Adrenalized Paintball, 4103 S Mason St., for some fun with a paintball gun. This handy coupon reads, “50 percent off one field fee,” so bring two coupons so you don’t have to pay full price. Each time on the field costs $20.

Now that your have wowed your date with your shooting skills, stop spending money and go home and watch the other movie you got for free at your last date.

For all of you who don’t have someone to go out on a date with (e.g. me), there are many other coupons to use with a group of friends or by yourself. Just keep the coupon book with you at all times, you never know when it will save you money.

Pizzeria la Collina- 12-inch medium pizza, one regular topping- $5.99

– 14-inch large pizza, one regular topping- $7.99

Caf/ Bluebird- Buy one entr/e- get one entr/e half price

Texas Roadhouse- Free appetizer with a purchase of 2 entrees

Pizza Casbah- 18-inch X-large one topping and two drinks, $11.99

– 18-inch XL supreme pizza, $13.99

– $1.00 off any order over $10

-18-inch XL three topping and three drinks for $14.99

-18-inch XL two topping pizza, $10.99

-18-inch XL large with four toppings, $12.99

– 18-inch XL large two topping pizza or two one topping calzones, $10.00

Rocky Mountain Bagel Works- free bagel with cream cheese and coffee with purchase of a new RMBW travel mug

Pizza Pipeline- two large, one topping pizzas and four sodas (24 oz.) $14.99

-any sub, bag of chips and one soda (24 oz.) $5.99

-26-inch Colossus one topping pizza and 4 sodas (24 oz) for $19.99

-large one topping pizza, one side order and two sodas for $11.99

-extra large two topping pizza and two sodas for $10.99

-medium one topping pizza, tricky stix and one soda for $9.99

-small one topping pizza, $5.00

-medium one topping pizza, $6.00

-large one topping pizza for $7.00

-extra large one topping pizza for $8.00

Wish Bones- say BOGO and receive your second sandwich or platter for free

-located in main level in the Lory Student Center

Cram A Latte- say BOGO and receive your second drink free

-located in main level of the Morgan student library

Subway- purchase any foot-long sub and 21-oz. drunk and receive a second regular sub of equal or lesser price for 99 cents

-Campus West, student center, and all other Fort Collins locations

Taco Johns- Buy a cristy taco or bean, beef or combination burrito at regular price and get a second free

Steak Escape- Any small steak escape combo only $4.99

Bagel place- free bagel and cream cheese of choice with purchase of medium or large soda or large coffee

-located on the main level in the student center

Carl’s Jr.- 99 cent famous star burger

-located in the food court of the student center

McDonalds- buy one smoothie and get one free

Alsalam restaurant- buy one entr/e and get second entr/e of equal or lesser value half price

-buy one sandwich and get a second sandwich of equal or lesser value free

Rainbow- Buy one entr/e and get second half off

-25 percent off entr/e

Avogadro’s Number- buy one get one free of sandwich of equal lesser value

Domino’s- one medium 12 inch one topping pizza for $5.99

-one large 14 inch one topping pizza for $7.99

-one medium one topping pizza for $4.99

Summit Subs- buy any 6-inch sub and get the second 6-inch sub for only 99 cents

-Buy any footlong sub and get second footlong sub for only $1.99

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