A Swingin’ Society

Sep 012004
Authors: Brandie Jeffryes

Walking into your first swing dance session could be a little intimidating for the first timer unless it is with the CSU Swing Society.

Yesterday as part of Cetertainment the CSU Swing Society was on campus handing out free admission tickets to students across campus that wanted to get a little taste of the 40’s.

“To learn what we taught tonight would have cost thirty five dollars anywhere else,” said Shane Sheridan president of the CSU Swing Society, referring to the hour long free dance tutorial.

Sheridan began swing dancing eleven years ago as a freshman and hasn’t stoped since. During the 1940s swing became a freedom symbol that brought people together, said Sheridan, and he wants to continue to stress this quality in the CSU Swing Society on campus.

The swing society is modeled after the image that swing built, it is people from all walks of life coming together to dance, Sheridan said.

“In swing there is no such thing as color, sexual orientation, or where you came from, it excepts everyone,” said Sheridan.

Sheridan encourages everyone to come and try out swing.

“It doesn’t matter how good you are, just come with an open heart and give it a shot,” said Sheridan.

One of the dance instructors at the free lesson, Joe Demers, said he came to CSU because of the great swing club. He and his partner, Becky Vigil, separated the crowd of about 150 people into guy and girl groups to teach the Lindy-hop, a basic dance step used in swing dancing.

“It was our first time teaching the basics together, however, I feel many people learned a lot,” said Demers.

Once the Lindy-hop is learned anyone can try out for the performance group, Demers said, or anyone can go to the special anual holliday swing dances.

“Overall I thought it was a pretty good turn out,” said Becky Vigil, a guest dance instructor.

Aaron Greufe a sophomore art major and his girlfriend Nicole Hagerman a phycology major at Front Range were both in attendance at the dance lesson. They said that the lesson was informative and persuaded them to possibly join the swing society.

“We came tonight ’cause swing is fun!” said Greufe.

The CSU Swing Society sponsors dances at the Lory Student Center on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month for free, and at Ammons hall every first and third Wednesday for three dollars.

“Three bucks to dance on a hardwood floor—best price in town!” said Sheridan.


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