To the Editor:

Aug 312004

The 2004 Rocky Mountain Showdown is turning into the poorly

handled fiasco that I feared it would become. I never liked the

idea of a ticket lottery. I liked it even less when I found out

that after “winning” this lottery we were asked to pay the

sickening amount of $60 per ticket. My festering dissatisfaction

with the whole situation was further reinforced when I saw the

printed ticket price of $50.

The situation with the tickets is distressing, but not as

distressing as the number of students who are selling out their

team. As of Tuesday, there were still around 400 student tickets

still available at the ticket office that anybody can now purchase.

I ask you students, where is your pride and support for your school

and team? I didn’t like it, but I shelled out the money. I don’t

think the price of the tickets is solely to blame for the

lackluster sales. In fact, I think many of you are scared and

intimidated to go to CU’s house and cheer on your team. If the

roles were reversed and CU was coming to our field, I can guarantee

the black and gold-clad CU student body would come with it. I’m

calling you out CSU. Suck it up, don’t be intimidated; our football

team sure isn’t. Do whatever it takes. Get a ticket, go to the game

and stand up for yourself and your school.


Frank E. Leonard III


Health and Exercise Science

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