Aug 312004
Authors: Vincent Adams

New York City is the party site for the proud pachyderm.

Republicans of all shapes and sizes have spoken, and will speak,

attempting to convince us voters they should lead the country in

these historic times.

The nation’s heartstrings have been tugged. Former New York City

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani already reminded us about the president’s

steadfast leadership after terrorists gave America its first bloody

nose on home soil since Pearl Harbor.

Basically, so says Giuliani, Bush and his pachyderm cohorts have

made this country safer, and we need his vision and strong

leadership as we face continued threats from the “evildoers.”

“(Bush) sees world terrorism for the evil that it is,” Giuliani

said. “John Kerry has no such clear, precise and consistent


Giuliani also said, “We need George Bush more than ever.”

Undoubtedly the War on Terror demands swift and effective

action. We cannot afford to let the terrorists destroy our way of

life through fear and violence. Sorry to point out the obvious, but

I speaking about the nuts and bolts of the Republican platform.

What has Bush – or whom I like to call G-Dubbs – done? He has

led this country to two wars. Afghanistan was a no-brainer.

Obviously we needed to rid the world of that parasitic government,

especially since it harbored the mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001,

USS Cole and the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings.

Iraq has been a complete mess. Yes. We freed a people terrorized

by their government. Yes. We needed to rid the area of a brutal

tyrant who would, if given the chance, destroy the United States

and most of Western Civilization.

But look at what we inherited.

I get the feeling Bush and his legion of pachyderms thought we

would go into Iraq, take out Saddam and the people of Iraq would

sing great songs praising the great pachyderm president. We had an

ill-conceived post-Iraq non-plan, and many soldiers and have had to

pay the ultimate price.

We had a right to go into Iraq. Saddam had biological and

chemical weapons as late as 1998, proved he would use them, and was

violating the resolution that spared the tyrant’s reign by not

cooperating with U.N. weapons inspectors.

But the president burned the world community by not exhausting

all diplomatic efforts. Even Secretary of State Colin Powell, one

of the few noble pachyderms, thought more could have been done to

avoid war.

So now we are left to pick up the pieces and rebuild Iraq with a

teeny weenie coalition comprised of some nations’ minimal

contributions. I hate to belittle South Korea’s contributions, but

a hesitant Great Britain and the United States are essentially the

only countries rebuilding Iraq and fighting this war.

Oh, and did I mention our price tag? The Web site has an ever-increasing cost ticker. At last check

it was higher than $130 billion.

This price tag comes amid cuts in social programs caused by cuts

in taxes that overwhelmingly support the rich. Combine that with

economic policy favorable to over-sea job loss and Bush has pretty

much slapped the working class in the face to fight this war.

I understand people are afraid. The world is an evil and

dangerous place. We need strong leadership. Is candidate Kerry the

answer? I am not sure.

But Bush has to go. We simply cannot afford four more years of

this sort of reckless leadership.


Vince Adams is a graduate student studying English education. He

was the Collegian opinion editor during the 2002-2003 school year.

His column will run weekly on Wednesday.

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