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Authors: Amy Resseguie

The Division of Student Affairs is undergoing a staff

reorganization that will result in promotions, the shifting of

responsibilities and the creation of a new position – the director

of student transition and parent and family programs.

Most students will not notice any changes, said Linda Kuk, vice

president for student affairs. However, Kuk said the

reorganization, which goes into effect today, will allow the

division to operate more smoothly and efficiently.

“We shuffled things around to permit us to get things done,” Kuk


Because of budget cuts in recent years, student affairs has gone

from five assistant to the vice president to three. The addition of

the new director position will allow the division to promote

someone else to assistant to the vice president, and Kuk hopes it

will help rebalance some of the office’s responsibilities.

Jody Donovan will move from her current role as assistant to the

vice president to fill the new position. Donovan has been

coordinating parent programs and services for the past four years

and will also take on coordination of Ram Welcome and other

freshmen transition programs.

“A personal interest of mine was working with parents and

families of students,” Donovan said. “Linda was very supportive of

that, and Dr. (Larry) Penley (CSU’s president) really, really wants

to build the program, so it was natural to create this new


As the new director, Donovan will work with Ram Welcome, the

Mentoring Project and other transition issues for new students. In

addition, she will be a liaison between parents and the university,

talking to parents at Preview and throughout the year to help

families with transitions they experience when sending children to


“I’m sort of a coach,” Donovan said. “I’m helping parents and

families understand that they’re going to parent their college

student differently.”

In addition to Donovan’s new position, Linda Ahuna will take

over as executive assistant to the vice president, and Jennifer

Williams Molock will assume Ahuna’s old role as the new executive

director for the advocacy cluster while also retaining her duties

as director of Black Student Services. Ahuna also was the director

of Asian/Pacific American Student Services, a position that will be

filled by Mikiko Kumasaka, previously the assistant director of the


Dave McKelfresh will continue to work with staff training and

assessment in Housing and Dining Services, but he will also take

over some of the responsibilities in the Student Affairs in Higher

Education graduate program.

Kuk said that while the reorganization sounds complicated, it is

simply a reshuffling of responsibilities.

“We didn’t create a new position, we just renamed some things,”

she said.

Kuk also stressed that the reorganization will not cost the

university any money. While some raises will go along with the

promotions, Kuk said the division ultimately saved money when some

of the senior staff members, who had higher salaries, retired.

“We fortunately have enough money to hire back at less cost,”

Kuk said. “You shift the resources around to make it work.”

Kuk said the reorganization was ultimately necessary, regardless

of cost.

“We, I think, downsized initially more than was realistic, so

we’re just trying to ‘right-size’ again,” Kuk said.

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