Aug 312004
Authors: Nicholas LoFaro

Returning with the band’s fourth infestation, Papa Roach return

with a more refined sound and new energy with Getting Away With

Murder. The vocals and screams have improved with more melody, and

Jacoby Shaddix’s lyrics have a more direct anger and have become

more poetic with Murder. Roach still has a heavy guitar onslaught

using the same infectious riffs that began the band’s sound but

have revealed another side to the band with the appearance of an

acoustic guitar song “Sometimes,” and a few guitar solos that add

range to the album. With the exception of successful rap/metal

bands such as Rage Against the Machine and Linkin Park, the art of

blending hip-hop and heavy metal never seemed that well crafted.

That could be definitive reason why Papa Roach has lost the rap

rhymes. Papa Roach has built upward upon its metal and punk

foundations. The songs “Be Free” and “Blanket of Fear” have a

classic rock vibe, and “Done With You” is Roach’s best punk energy.

Death, insecurities, love and innocence lost are all still

discussed in Shaddix’s lyrics. Media stress in the song “Tyranny of

Normality” shows the band’s collective hatred: “the media is the

seduction of human desire, … the ethical slaughter of truth needs

to be retired … ” However, on some songs Shaddix expresses

personal hope. Overall, Murder is a nice growth to the once

pigeonholed genre that started Papa Roach, and the experimental

elements on the album show for future growth and infestation.

DJ Shadow, In Tune and On Time Live!

DJ Shadow shines live, creates hip-hop epic

In the tradition of classic music operas such as The Who’s

Tommy, and Pink Floyd’s The Wall, DJ Shadow takes the jam and

pushes it into an 80-minute hip-hop journey. Reigning in the

underground as one of the most innovative and clever jockeys this

side of the moon, Shadow has accomplished music with the likes of

Bjork, Eminem, J5, Zach de la Rocha and Radiohead. For those

unfamiliar with his work, think ghost rap without lyrics. On Live!

sick acoustic beats collide with haunting, yet ambient music flow,

with piercing scratches over London. The album is Shadow’s known

work intertwined with six new songs including the impressive attack

of “Guns Blazing,” that shows every ghostly angle to his skill. In

his epic, DJ Shadow’s influence is captured, and he seems to

channel the misunderstandings and conflictions of the world

somewhere in the back of his sound. Drummers need to listen as

Shadow reveals the potential of the instrument that is usually

hidden behind singers and guitars. DJ Shadow’s space travel music

is parallel with the growth of hip-hop. He is an artist ahead of

his time.

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