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Aug 312004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

On Friday, the Collegian staff hopes you will join it in wearing

our school colors to support CSU’s football team.

While many students won’t be attending the football season’s

opening game against the University of Colorado-Boulder Saturday,

there will still be many of us cheering our team on from behind a

television screen.

The reason that many students aren’t planning to go to the game

is not because of lack of school spirit, but because the tickets,

at $60 apiece, are so expensive.

As of Tuesday, there was still a lot of the university’s

original 5,000-ticket allotment available. After a fuss made over

the low number of tickets reserved for students, many people are

wondering why there are so many up for sale at this time.

As college students, most of us can relate to the fact that we

can barely afford to buy groceries for ourselves. Few students, no

matter how much school spirit they have, would give up a few weeks

of food for a day at a football game.

Just because we aren’t sitting there in the stadium doesn’t mean

we won’t be watching the Rams slaughter CU in Saturday’s game. We

want the football team to know that we’re backing them and that

there will be tons of fans screaming from our homes as CSU scores

touchdown after touchdown.

It’s an issue of money, not spirit. We’re rooting for you. Go


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