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Authors: Lindsay Reiter

CSU is the nation’s 56th top public university, according to the

U.S. News and World Report’s 2005 “America’s Best Colleges”


CSU also placed 117th out of 248 national public and private


“Our focus is to provide the best education for students as

possible and this survey is a recognition of the high quality

programs that we have here,” said Brad Bohlander, a CSU


The students at CSU are also impressed with how high the

university ranked.

“People wouldn’t think a state school would rank on the

‘national universities’ list because there are so many of them,”

said Jaime Magmuson, a freshman English major. “You hear about Ivy

League schools placing high on these lists. It is impressive to see

those numbers.”

Other programs at the university are recognized nationally. The

College of Engineering is ranked 60th and the College of Business

is ranked 87th nationwide, 10 spots higher than last year’s


“Earning a degree in the number 60th-ranked engineering school

in the U.S. is awesome,” said Jim Bradburn, a freshman engineering

major. “It really shows you’re getting a great education. It will

help a lot when it comes time to join the workforce and have

employers look at your application.”

Other students, though, are eager to see CSU continue to move

higher on the lists.

“We are already excelling in certain areas so we should

concentrate on those areas that didn’t get noticed and continue to

improve the ones that did,” said Andrea Talley, a freshman English


Talley also hopes the positive attention given to CSU through

the survey will result in attracting more students to the


“If it continues to do well it will probably, eventually expand

as a university and also expand its programs,” Talley said.

U.S. News and World Report compiled various lists of the best

colleges in the nation and ranked them based on how they met

certain criteria; it also offers information about each college


Ranking categories include tuition and financial aid,

international students, services and facilities, sports,

admissions, rankings, transfer students, campus life, missions,

academics, student body, disabled students, and extracurricular


The list is prepared for potential students to facilitate the

process of choosing a college.

The magazine ranks the colleges based on the results of the

Common Data Set. The CDS is a collaborative effort between

publishers and the higher education community to improve

information accuracy and quality for students’ higher education

transition, according to

U.S. News and World Report uses portions of the CDS survey and

factors them in with other items special to the magazine. Some of

the other factors used to determine a university’s score include

peer assessment and school retention.

“CSU has many strong programs,” Bohlander said. “This is a great

recognition for a great university. It recognizes the high quality

of education and is only one in a chain of recent recognitions that

CSU has received.”


Top three national universities

1. Harvard University

1. Yale University

3. University of Pennsylvania

Top three public universities

1. University of California-Berkeley

2. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

2. University of Virginia

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