To the Editor

Aug 302004

After reading Matt Hitt’s article today I thought I should point

something out. CSU originally received an allotment of 4,000

tickets from CU for the game. After the Greater Ram Club at CSU

complained about the small allotment of tickets, Mark Driscoll went

to CU and requested 1,000 more tickets that CU agreed to give us.

While it stinks that we only have 5,000 tickets to the game, CSU

fans still have not put their money where their mouths are and

purchased these tickets.

As of Friday only about 100 of the students who won the right to

purchase tickets in the lottery had actually done so. I was also

shocked to see that tickets were $60, but we need to get to Boulder

and support our school against the bad guys down south. Search your

house for change, sell your DVD player, pawn your bicycle and do

whatever you can to get to Boulder to watch the Rams destroy those

buffoons down south.

Nathan Robertson

Senior Computer Science

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To the Editor,

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Aug 302004

As a senior Chinese-American student at CSU, I am concerned with

a recent article published in the entertainment section of the

Collegian. The article was written by Andrew Nuth and expressed his

opinion on the movie “Hero.” It was not the student’s opinion that

troubled me, but instead the lack of cultural competence in his


Andrew Nuth twice referred to “flying ninjas” in his article,

which irritated me because “Hero” takes places in China, not Japan,

where ninjas originated from. China and Japan are two very

different countries. Hopefully, after earning a degree from a

university such as CSU, most students will be able to differentiate

between the two. Having a stronger historical context would have

made his perception about “Hero” more accurate.

Students must be culturally competent if they want to stay

competitive in the job market today, despite the lack of diversity

at CSU. I sincerely hope this article is not indicative of where

the majority of students at CSU are at in terms of their

understanding about other cultures in the world.

Christopher Lei

Senior, biology major

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