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Aug 302004
Authors: Jon Pilsner

CSU head football coach Sonny Lubick said he and his team were,

“anxious to play” Monday at a press conference held at CB &

Potts in Fort Collins.

“We’re just looking forward to playing football,” Lubick said.

“It’s time to play a football game.”

With the season opener at Colorado this Saturday, Lubick said

that practice this week will focus on preparing for CU.

“It’s a big game for the players, coaches, and the students,”

Lubick said. “The fan interest and student body interest is


Lubick also said that playing the game in Boulder at Folsom

Field was going to be very difficult for the Rams. The last time

the two teams met in Boulder was in 1997, when CU won 31-21.

Previously, the annual Rocky Mountain Showdown was held in Denver,

at Invesco Field at Mile High.

“It’s a disadvantage for Colorado State,” Lubick said. “But it

doesn’t change the way the game is played. It shouldn’t have too

much of an impact on the players.”

Lubick addressed the rivalry and the animosity that the game

brings to both schools.

“We want the players to be excited about the game,” Lubick said.

“A lot of emotion spills out, but you have to harness it and play


While the Rams have only one week of practice left before the

season starts, Lubick said the team was becoming prepared for the

upcoming season, including the preparation surrounding the young

CSU defense.

“That’s just something we have to deal with,” Lubick said of the

defense. “Most of the guys have played in games before.”

Lubick also said as a coach, he worried about the same


“You always will make mistakes that will hurt you,” Lubick said.

“You don’t know what might happen, with the players the coaches, or

even me.”

“I might go out there and tackle the buffalo,” Lubick said

jokingly, flashing a smile across his face.

Regardless of the outcome, Lubick said how his team handled the

game would not dictate how the season would go for CSU.

“One game does not make the season,” Lubick said. “It’s all

about how you handle the adversity through the entire season; how

well you play when you’re up by 20 and down by 20.”

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