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Aug 302004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

If you stand up publicly for or against something, it’s

important to exemplify that stand in everything you do.

All around campus, the state, the nation and the world, people

are wearing yellow wristbands. These wristbands come from the Lance

Armstrong Foundation, and the money raised from people buying them

goes to support people with cancer. These wristbands are stamped

with Armstrong’s mantra, “Livestrong.” Armstrong is also a cancer


The fact that these wristbands are so popular is great. The

foundation’s Web site states more than 10 million people have

purchased them, and many local and national vendors have sold out

of the wristbands

The only problem with people wearing these wristbands is when

they let other aspects of their lives contradict their support for

cancer patients and survivors. This can happen when they buy a pack

of cigarettes and support the tobacco industry, or when they smoke

cigarettes and expose themselves to further risk of cancer.

Everyone knows smoking isn’t good for you. But a lot of people

still smoke. It just doesn’t seem right to give the cost of a $1

wristband to fund cancer research or help cancer patients, and then

go and give $3 to the tobacco industry.

Instead, everyone should follow a mantra favored by many of our

mothers: Practice what you preach.

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