Fake Id’s Run Rampant

Aug 302004
Authors: Spencer Goodfriend

Walking down the Lory Student Center stairs, Kyle Ellerby rubs

his stomach in anticipation for a beer at the Ramskeller.

“This is the beauty of being 21,” said Ellerby, a sophomore

speech communications major. “These small privileges of being legal

make life on campus a lot more enjoyable.”

Students who recently turned 21 may appreciate knowing they will

never have to use fake identification cards.

“I had one. I was definitely worried about it being confiscated,

though it did fulfill my wildest dreams,” Ellerby said. “I

eventually got caught with it at the Sundance down on Mulberry

(Avenue). They just took it from me. All it had was my face, but

none of my real information was on it.”

Technological advances with computers, scanners and printers

have allowed students and non-students alike to flood the town with

more realistic fake ID cards. However, methods for spotting a false

ID have also improved.

“This problem has certainly increased over the years due not

only to the increase of available capable technology, but the

amount of people that can afford to possess that technology,” said

CSU Police Department Capt. Bob Chaffee. “But as technology

improves, so does the ability of persons checking cards to spot a


Football games and the Ramskeller are two places where campus

authorities most often confiscate IDs, Chaffee said.

“I have experience making fake IDs from when I was a kid, so I

know what to look for,” said Cory Mankin, student manager at the

Ramskeller and a sophomore construction management major. “Just as

well, we have a scanner to scan them (for authenticity) and we are

trained for TIPS, which stands for Training for Intervention


Students planning to use a fake identification card to purchase

alcohol should be aware of the charges they are likely to face if

they are caught. According to the Colorado Revised Statutes, a

person caught with a forged device is considered to be committing

fraud and can be charged with a misdemeanor.

A person caught with a real identification card bearing someone

else’s likeness, such as an older sibling or friend, is considered

to be committing criminal impersonation and can be charged with a

class six felony. In such cases, authorities may contact and

prosecute the card’s real owner for contributing to the delinquency

of a minor.

The going rate for a fake identification card can range in price

depending on quality and demand.

“I paid $50 to get it from a friend who has a roommate in

Boulder,” Ellerby said. “He had a special printer that could print

one type of hologram, but it isn’t unusual to hear of people

dishing out a lot more than that. I heard it was better to have a

fake one than being caught with someone else’s.”

The Ramskeller confiscates about two to three cards a month, and

more the months right before Spring Break because students want to

test them out, Mankin said.

“I am going to wait until I’m 21 because it’s a right of

passage,” said Elizabeth Salamanca, a sophomore psychology major.

“I figure I’ll be drinking the rest of my life, so what’s the

hurry? I honestly don’t know that many people with one because it’s

too expensive.”

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