To the Editor:

Aug 292004

As a concerned member of the CSU community, I am appalled and concerned about the random and senseless violence that happened over (Aug. 21 and 22) weekend. When is such behavior ever warranted? Why would anyone want to steal someone else’s belongings and set fire to them? Why would anyone wish to destroy cars and inflict pain (including physical pain) upon others?

This does not send the right message to our Fort Collins community. It does not sit well with the state legislators who fund our university. It does not look good to be on national news either. THINK! When you graduate do you want to be known as a graduate from the “riot university?” I for one do not and I propose to let the peace begin right here, right now. Fortunately, these culprits do not represent the overwhelming majority of CSU students. However, it only takes a couple to ruin it for everyone. My message to everyone is twofold. One, do not succumb to such behavior. Two, take a stand against such stupid recklessness before it happens. That means standing up for the right principles and do the right things. If the vast majority of peaceful people had stood up to the few instigators, we would have read about the incident in the Campus Blotter instead of on the front page.

The College Republicans strongly denounce reckless, pointless, destructive behavior and we welcome any and all who wish to preserve the peace that is the right message for our community.

Chuck Fogland,

President, CSU College Republicans

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