Suspect Zero

Aug 292004
Authors: Andrew Nuth

In “Suspect Zero,” Thomas Mackelway, played by Aaron Eckhart, is at his first day back on the job with the FBI in Arizona. He has been on leave for six months for beating up a serial killer. He quickly begins investigating a series or murders along with Fran Kulock, played by Carrie-Anne Moss, his ex-partner in the FBI.

As the investigation continues, Mackelway becomes increasingly disturbed and begins having visions. He also begins receiving information about kidnapping and murder victims. All the clues point to Benjamin O’Ryan, played by Sir Ben Kingsley.

The movie quickly turns into sort of a psychological-thriller-mystery, but it is fortunately not a carbon copy of all the other movies that fall into this genre. Mackelway has to figure out who the killer is, why O’Ryan is involved, and why he is having headaches and weird dreams.

O’Ryan can see anyone, anywhere, by simply using his mind. He was trained by the FBI as a remote viewer to help them catch criminals. Now O’Ryan is haunted by his “viewings.”

This movie is difficult to watch at times, simply because the camera is never still. It was also very shaky, especially during close-ups. The rest of the camera work is fairly good and add to the movie’s eerie feeling.

The plot is gripping and makes the hour and a half movie go by very quickly, but it is a bit of a letdown because it’s fairly easy to predict the ending. Another movie high point is that it is easy to see the story through both Mackelway’s and O’Ryan’s eyes.

While Moss is in most of the movie, her character doesn’t do much or add much to the plot. The emotionless acting that was exemplified in “The Matrix” does not fit in with Eckhart or Kingsley. It wouldn’t make the movie significantly different if she weren’t even in it.

Eckhart and Kingsley play very well off each other; each plays a disturbed character and does it wonderfully. Both actors are very easy to believe.

Despite of its flaws and the shaky camera work, “Suspect Zero” is a fun-to-watch movie that is sure to keep audiences entertained.

3 out of 4

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