Student jobs not so scarce

Aug 292004
Authors: Nicole Burbank

In a given year at CSU, 5,000 students will work on campus and another 3,300 will work elsewhere, oftentimes thanks to Student Employment Services, 133 Student Services Building.

SES handles all on-campus jobs as well as many off-campus jobs and takes care of the job listings provided for students on RAMweb. In addition, SES has another Web site at devoted entirely to jobs.

“We get jobs (to post) for almost anything,” said Janeen Sivon, assistant director for SES. “Who gets a given job really depends on what the student wants to do.”

On RAMweb, a student can sign in and link to a page devoted to job listings, where they can sort the available jobs any way they wish: by job title, by the type of job or by using key words.

Most of the jobs posted for students are department-related. Different university departments will post jobs for lab assistants, art models or anything else they might need.

“(The RAMweb process) was so quick and easy,” said Kate Tidd, a senior French major who got a job through the listings on RAMweb. “(The alternative) was going through each department one by one looking for a job.”

SES attempts to make the process of finding a job easier for students.

“We try to post as many jobs as possible so that we can better provide for any student looking for a part-time job,” Sivon said.

In an effort to boost the amount of off-campus jobs on RAMweb, employers looking to hire are responsible for putting positions on the site. Once on the site, neither student nor employer ever has to go through employment services.

“What usually happens is that the student will call the employer directly because their number is posted on the site, and if they are hired the employer will then take the job off RAMweb,” Sivon said.

She added that SES occasionally has to “clean house” because employers will forget to remove the job.

“We try to keep the listings as current as possible,” Sivon said.

However, immediacy when looking and applying for jobs is a huge factor in whether or not students will get the job they want.

“We’ve had some jobs that filled within a matter of hours,” Sivon said. “In most cases jobs go out as frequently as they come in.”

With SES helping students get jobs they need, the job flow on campus is kept at comfortable level for students in need of a job.

“(The job listings) are great,” said Dana Lamm, a junior speech communications major who works at Campus Information Services. “Working on-campus is really flexible and convenient.”

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