Riot free weekend

Aug 292004
Authors: Ryan Riggen

The weekend following the first week of classes at CSU was a quiet one compared to the weekend prior.

According to Fort Collins Police Services and the CSU Police Department, no riots occurred over the weekend, although there was some concern after last weekend’s riots.

“There weren’t any riots at all this weekend,” said Teresa Taplin of FCPS. “[Police] were ready for it.”

CSUPD did not have reports of any riots occurring over the weekend as of Sunday afternoon.

Students were likely wary of the zero-tolerance policy enacted by CSU last week after riots took place on consecutive weekend nights.

The zero-tolerance policy says students found to be involved in riots will be suspended and possibly expelled after judicial hearings determine each students’ level of involvement.

The hearings for students involved in last week’s riots occurred late last week.

In an interview last week, Tom Milligan, assistant vice president of University Relations said that CSU will not tolerate riots and that there would be swift and severe consequences for any students involved. He also said that what occurred last weekend did not accurately reflect most of the students at CSU, but what happened did damage the reputation of the student body.

Six people, including five CSU students, were arrested last week in connection with the riots and the university is currently conducting an ongoing investigation.

The five CSU students were suspended and 18 more students may face disciplinary hearings after receiving noise violation tickets on the nights when the riots occurred.

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