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Aug 292004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

With the coming election approaching quickly, it is important for students to consider their level of awareness regarding the at-stake issues. The presidential election in November is not just about the future president, it’s about what each of the candidates stands for and what decisions will be made regarding the nation’s large issues.

Things such as amending the constitution to prohibit gay marriage or the continuing war on terrorism will be vastly affected by the election’s outcome. One issue that all students should be interested in is higher education funding or a possible draft.

There are campaigns such as Rock the Vote encouraging young people to get involved in the upcoming election. Since most of the students on campus are old enought to vote, they should take a stand on what they believe and have their voices heard. Voting is not enough, however. Students need to know the issues, know the position each candidate takes on those issues, and how those issues will impact their lives once they are decided upon.

The election will be here shortly. Now is the time to get informed on the election, the candidates and the issues. Every Monday, The Collegian will be running a package on politics called “Monday Morning Politics.” This is one way to learn about the issues and the candidates. Please stay informed.

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