Dear Editor,

Aug 292004

PetCo’s claim that the amount of water in a tiny cup is the same space a betta fish would occupy in the wild is self-serving (“Betta Fish-The New Fluffy or Spike,” 8/19/04). Experts in biology, oceanography and related fields condemn keeping betta fish in tiny enclosures when they are native to flowing rivers.

It’s also callous for PetCo to claim “all [betta fish] need is clean water and a little bit of food a few times a week.” Caring for fish is a big responsibility. PetCo employees and customers have routinely reported the bettas and other fish at PetCo are kept in filthy conditions. Many fish have been found dead or with what appeared to be bacterial and fungal infections.

Fish are social animals and shouldn’t be kept alone. Even though betta fish will fight with members of their own sex, they do not normally fight with other species. If you already have a betta, check with a local shelter to find your fish some companions. For more information about conditions at PetCo, please visit


Heather Moore

Staff Writer for

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Norfolk, VA

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