To our Peers,

Aug 262004

How do we as CSU students want to be represented? Ben and I

campaigned for the privilege of representing the students from this

campus. We believe that students at CSU are critical members of the

Fort Collins community, adding not only our intellect and service

but also our character.

Last weekend’s events, however, made many of us cringe at the

thought of what the public witnessed from a small group of

inconsiderate students. We hope they don’t think of those few

students who got out of control as representing the behavior of the

“typical” CSU student. We feel great disappointment in knowing that

a few disruptive peers have overshadowed and temporarily tarnished

the image of the majority of students here.

We have been in contact with city officials and want to help

spread the word. Fort Collins police have said they intend to be

more proactive, which means that if there are similar kinds of

incidents, an increased number of arrests – including arrests of

bystanders – could occur, rather than police acting to disperse the

crowd as they have in the past.

We recently saw reports saying that riots are a part of our

university’s history and traditions. This isn’t anything to be

proud of. Do we really want to be associated with other schools

with that reputation? Our traditions and daily endeavors don’t have

room for riots. Our tradition is rich with academic excellence. Our

tradition is to learn the sing-song and cheer on our fellow Rams in

every endeavor. Our tradition is to become people who love living

in Fort Collins and care about the community. Our tradition is to

leave CSU to build a successful life with the education – formal

and informal – we receive here.

We believe the university will give students a fair chance to

present their cases before taking permanent measures. We support

the university’s procedures to make this a safe community again. We

believe that each of us should be held accountable for our actions,

especially those that are violent and illegal.

Our message and one that we’ve heard ringing from others around

campus is simple. The university expects students to maintain

behavioral standards that exhibit integrity and that are lawful and

respectful of others’ property. Those few students who have tainted

the meaning of our accomplishments here at CSU by giving the

outside world a wrong impression about who we are and what we want

to accomplish in life do not represent the majority of students. We

don’t want that kind of behavior associated with this campus. CSU

is not about that kind of reputation.

And thus we ask that we find a way to move on as a community,

that the headlines change from “riots” to “another Ram success.” We

must look forward to and concentrate more than any other year on

displaying our contributions to the CSU and Fort Collins

communities, especially at a time when we are so dependent on state

and private funding.

We must bring attention to the hours of service we contribute to

this area. We must applaud the members of hundreds of student

organizations representing us in competitions year-round. We must

celebrate the national awards and victories not only in classrooms

and labs but also on the fields and courts. We are proud to wear

green and gold and we encourage you to join us in celebrating and

showing those who have chosen to so closely watch us what it truly

means to be a CSU Ram!

ASCSU President

Katie Clausen

ASCSU Vice President

Ben Goldstein

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