Aug 262004
Authors: Lauren Mattingly

Every day the Campus Information Desk in the Lory Student Center

is bombarded by questions from puzzled students seeking


How to get an override, change a major, begin a job search,

obtain a bus pass and exactly where is Albert C. Yates Hall?

Students might find the information desk conveniently located and

full of answers, but there are many other sources of information on


“We are very well informed or at least we can point them in the

right direction. But we try to be the last stop when getting a

question answered,” said Cori Drahnak, a junior biology major and

employee of the information desk.

The information desk has home game football tickets, theatre

tickets, on- and off-campus phone directories, a list of daily

campus activities and bus passes.

Residence halls also offer home football and basketball tickets,

and all sporting event tickets are available at the McGraw Athletic


For questions regarding on- and off-campus housing students can

go to the Off-Campus Student Services/Resources for Adult Learners

office in the student center basement. Students can find a slew of

helpful handouts containing information from when a student

organization meets to how to locate potential roommates.

“The center also accommodates to nontraditional students by

providing scholarship information, specially oriented clubs, and

overall helping them to get orientated at CSU,” said Kelly

Shoemaker, a senior business account and management major and

manager of the OCSS/RAL.

Enrollment Services contains both the Student Financial Services

and the Registrar’s Office.

“These facilities help students deal with issues related to

academic records or financial accounts,” said Bill Haid, executive

director for Enrollment Services.

Financial services assists students with financial aid,

educational budgeting and loans, grants, and scholarships. The

Registrar deals with transcript requests, overrides, holds,

repeat/delete, intent to graduate papers and payment of bills, so

students can pay off bills and try to get an early start on job


The first few weeks of school many students dread job hunting.

The first helpful source students should utilize is RAMweb. This

Web site features an employment link that lists available jobs.

“We have job opportunities both on and off campus around the

community,” said Okee Hanna, student employment assistant in the

Employment Office. She also advises not waiting more than four

weeks to apply because jobs will be taken.

At the Employment Office, in the Student Services Building,

students can fill out merit and work-study applications or find

on-call lists that provide temporary communal work such as raking a

yard. The Student Services Building also contains the Center for

Education, the Office of Women’s Studies and Programs, the Graduate

Office and the Office of Equal Opportunity.

Regardless of the campus resources provided to answer in-depth

questions, there is one office everyone can use – the University

ID/Vending Office.

“We process new and lost IDs for everybody on campus, and do the

convenience and vending accounts,” said Christie Tidwell, a junior

health and exercise major and student administrative assistant for

the University ID/Vending Office.

So whether students need a new ID or a need to find employment,

CSU has multiple resources on campus to get their questions


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