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Aug 262004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Each day individuals exercise their right to free speech outside

the Lory Student Center.

We fully support free speech, however, when exercising free

speech there are certain responsibilities that the individual

presenting the message has toward the organization that he or she

represents and the community that will be hearing the message.

In some instances, extreme displays of free speech can push

people away from the message being presented.

Another tactic that can push students away is when they are

approached multiple times by people saying the same thing.

Students don’t enjoy being bombarded by members of an

organization over and over again. When a message becomes redundant,

listeners become more resistant to it.

It’s important to be prepared for negative responses from those

hearing what you are saying. Harsh reactions are the right of those

who are hearing your message.

As a student newspaper we fully support exercising first

amendment rights but one must recognize that with that right comes

the potential for criticism, because every critic has the right to

tell another exactly what he or she thinks.

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