Aug 252004
Authors: Andrew Nuth

Fort Collins has a large underground music scene. Two of the leading disc jockeys in the group are DJ Juggernaut and DJ Tolchock.

“It’s a pretty close-knit group, most of my closest friends are DJs,” said DJ Juggernaut, known as Scott Schreiner to his friends. Juggernaut spins at Mystiq, 23 Old Town Square, and is a regular at Club Static, 1437 East Mulberry St., in Fort Collins.

Beginning this summer, Suite152 and Mystiq hosted an eight-week DJ spin-off. The spin-off featured 24 DJs, many from Fort Collins and a few from as far away as Colorado Springs, said Said Zokhrouf, a manager at Suite 152 and Mystiq.

Juggernaut won second place with his music that ranges from moody to a deep house feel. The grand prize went to Steve Parks, who performs as DJ Tolchock and plays what he calls “turntable jungle,” which features driving bass, hip-hop and funk-influenced sound.

The winners were decided based both on how many spectators came to see them perform and on the crowd’s reaction to their music.

Every Tuesday night this semester, Suite 152 and Mystiq will be featuring local DJ’s. Not all the DJs who play at open table night are contest winners; some are amateurs looking for a place to showcase their skills.

Tuesday, DJ Tolchock will be performing. With six years of experience as a DJ, Tolchock is currently a part-time student and a full-time land surveyor but spends many nights showcasing his DJ skills around the city.

“It takes practice, but I love it,” he said. “I play an average of 40 records in a 45-minute set,” Tolchock said. Most of the DJ’s in the spin-off used closer to 15 records. Tolchock’s ambitious record use led him to spend many hours in his basement preparing for each week of the spin-off, which he said was a lot of work but well worth it.

Tolchock is heavily influenced by the slow but powerful beats found in reggae.

Juggernaut, who will be performing at Mystiq on Friday and again on Sept. 14, spends his days working at Agilent Technologies making cell phone chips.

“I’ve gotten a lot of engineers to come and see me at the clubs,” Juggernaut said.

Juggernaut is proud of introducing his coworkers to a new type of music and a part of Fort Collins they may not regularly see.

Juggernaut is an active member of the Fort Collins DJ scene. There is a fairly large group of DJ’s in the Fort Collins area, most of whom know each other, Juggernaut said.

The goal of the DJ Spin-off was to showcase the local underground DJs, Zokhrouf said. The eight-week competition featured three DJs every night, and each night a winner was picked who would move on to the next week.

“The DJs would perform in front of as many as 170 people a night,” Zokhrouf said.

He said most of the DJs had a fairly loyal following, which was beneficial since they were judged partially on how many spectators they brought to the show.

“After the spin-off the guys still wanted a place to play,” Zokhrouf said. “They’re not doing it for the money.”

Since there was the demand Suite 152 and Mystiq, decided to continue featuring DJs on Tuesday nights and will be hosting another DJ Spin-off in January.


If you think you have what it takes to spin with the best in Fort Collins call Suite 152 at 224-0888 or stop by 23 Old Town Square and speak to manager Said Zokhrouf.


Said Zokhrouf, manager at The Suite 224-0888

Steve Parks (Tolchock) 443-0882

Scott (Juggernaut) 988-3348

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