To the Editor:

Aug 242004

As a Fort Collins resident, I am appalled by the behavior of

some of the CSU students last weekend. However, I am further

appalled by the suspension of five students by CSU. These students

where charged with alleged misdemeanors resulting from the two


The operative word here is “alleged.” None of these five

students has been convicted of any crime at this point. Regardless,

CSU authorities, a priori, have issued suspensions. What ever

happened to innocent until proven guilty? What has happened to due


Because of the effect that a suspension or expulsion from school

can have on the lives of these five students, I recommend that CSU

reconsider its suspension of these individuals. I further recommend

that CSU wait until the legal process has completed before issuing

summary punishments. As the alternative, CSU may find itself in the

unenviable position of eating crow with possible accompanying legal

liability if these students are acquitted or if charges are

dropped. CSU may always suspend or expel them at a later date.

Be that as it may, residents of Fort Collins don’t want rioting

in their streets. We expect incoming students to have the same

respect for our city, as visitors, as we would have of theirs. From

my experience in Fort Collins, Fort Collins Police Services is very

tolerant, and if they’re contacting you, then you are probably

transgressing. Let’s all work to maintain the quality of life in

Fort Collins, and keep it the Choice City that it is.


Alfred P. Reaud


Happy Cat Technologies,

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