Aug 242004
Authors: Jenna Nelson

CSU plays host to about 25,000 students each year, all of whom

require a means of transportation on campus.

While opinions vary, walking, biking and driving all appear to

be popular ways for students to travel around campus.

As with any mode of transportation, there are positive and

negative factors coinciding with each of the ways CSU students


“(Walking) takes a little more time than other ways of

transportation,” said Ashley Casida, a freshman animal science


However, walking, unlike biking and driving, is far less

expensive because a permit is required for both at CSU.

If a student decides to have a bicycle or vehicle on campus, he

or she must purchase a permit.

While bicycle permit costs remain at $5, vehicle permit costs

recently increased. Students residing on campus pay $110, CSU

personnel pay $95, students living off campus pay $85 and students

who drive a motorcycle must pay $45. All permits are available in

Green Hall.

CSU students have strong opinions about the most efficient way

of travel.

“With the amount of people walking around campus and biking,

cars are more of a hassle than a convenience,” said Dan Hipwood, a

freshman mechanical engineering major.

Some students try to avoid having a car on campus by riding a


“I feel that riding a bike around campus is very helpful,” said

Sarah Weigner, a freshman open-option seeking pre-veterinary


While campus transportation can be difficult, CSU is trying to

make things easier by restricting lot parking to only those with

permits and by installing numerous bike racks on campus so students

are able to get to their classes quickly and efficiently.

Still, some students accept the university’s constraints.

“When you have so many students on campus, it’s hard to provide

parking for all the students who need to, or want to drive,” said

Christina Farhart, a junior political science and psychology


**Looking to get off campus? Explore beautiful Fort Collins by

taking a ride on the Transfort Bus system, free to CSU


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