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Authors: Megan Buettgenbach

Ehren Samuelson will have to walk farther than he thought to practice his disc golf game.

Samuelson, a freshman open-option seeking business major, was upset when he first learned the CSU disc course, formerly on the Lory Student Center west lawn, had been removed.

“I knew it was there at orientation, and I was planning on going to play there,” Samuelson said. “I heard it got moved because people kept on getting hit by discs.”

When freshman Matt Ulmer, a business major, heard the course was removed he joked about leaving CSU.

According to Earlie Thomas, director of Environment Health Services, the seven-hole course was taken down Aug. 12.

In its place, a new nine-hole course was erected south of the Holiday Inn University Park, 425 W. Prospect Road.

“The (new course) is an alternate to the old CSU course,” said Bill Wright, owner of the The Wright Life, 200 Linden Center Drive. “It is not totally developed yet, but we could have a really nice course over there if we have the interest and the willpower to develop that area.”

The course was modified in 2003 from nine to seven holes and then lost another hole last spring after several people were hit with discs.

“It was like a conflict waiting to happen with the sidewalks and bike paths being built,” Wright said. “I thought there were going to be signs for instructions on where to throw to make it more user-friendly, but it really didn’t solve the problem.”

With the new course farther away than the old one, attendance may be lower.

“It will not get played as much (as the old course),” Wright said. “You just have to adapt to make it work. We will see the attendance increase as more trees and such develop there.”

For Ulmer, it will not really be a problem.

“I will ride my bike to go to the new course because I love to play,” Ulmer said. “I love to play Frisbee golf.”

Where else to play

1. Edora Park Disc Course: Off Prospect Road and Welch Street

2. Boltz Jr. High Disc Course: Behind Boltz Jr. High at 720 Boltz Drive

3. New course behind Holiday Inn University Park

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