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Authors: Brandie Jeffryes

If students want to get some say in where their money goes, they can get involved.

This semester a $425.11 student fee was added to the cost of tuition, leaving some students wondering where their money is spent.

“I have no idea where the fees go,” said Jenny Black, a junior speech communications student. “I just figured they went to computers and supplies on campus.”

According to a Web link from the Registrar’s Web site, student fees are divided into eight different subcategories. Each of these subcategories gets a portion of the money to be delegated where it is needed.

A portion of student fees are used to fund services on campus.

For example, Hartshorn Health Service uses its student fee money to run the health facilities. Many of the services provided by Hartshorn are paid for entirely by the health fee, according to a brochure that the health center provides. This means students do not have to pay an additional fee to visit the health center.

Phil Goldstine, the athletic department business manager, said the athletic department uses its student fees to help fund student athletics.

“It all gets put into one big pot that is used to help pay for things like supplies, equipment and travel,” Goldstine said.

Another portion of the fee is given to CSU’s student government, Associated Students of CSU. ASCSU uses a portion of the money to help fund student organizations and programming, according to its Web site.

“We use the money to help pay for programs like the Ram Road Trip and Transfort,” said ASCSU President Katie Clausen.

There are many ways for students to have a say in where their fee money goes.

According to the ASCSU Web site, some ways to get involved are to attend senate meetings, join a committee, vote in the spring elections or run for office.

“Any one can get involved in the Student Funding Board,” Clausen said. “It is just a short application and they oversee where money is spent.”


Per Semester

Total General Fees Full-Time Student


Total General Fees Part-Time Student (5 or fewer credits)


Itemized Fees

Per Semester

Associated Students of CSU


Recreational Sports Office – Operations


Student Recreational Center


Student Center – Operations


Student Center – Facilities Construction


Hartshorn Health Services


Student Services




Used with permission from Registrar’s Office

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