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Authors: Erin Tracy

Steam utility replacement on Meridian Avenue and South Drive began on Aug. 11 and will continue through the first few days of classes.

Yellow tape, detour and road-closed signs and fences adorn the street outside Aylesworth Hall, Braiden Hall, Morgan Library and Hartshorn Health Service.

The campus is in remodel phase.

Gene Ellis, an engineer working on the replacement, said the construction work begins at 7 a.m. and ends around 5 p.m. every day. The final day of construction will be Thursday.

Ellis said damage from the 1997 flood is the reason for the steam pipe replacement.

“It is bad enough now that it needs replacing,” Ellis said.

About 15 miles of pipe runs under the CSU campus carrying condensed water. The pipes heat almost every building on campus and provide hot water.

“We are replacing about 1,000 feet right here,” Ellis said, pointing from the driveway into Hartshorn Health Service to the east side of Braiden Hall. “It will cost about $100 a foot to replace.”

Ellis said the reason the steam utility replacement started so late in the summer was because of finance restrictions.

“These projects are planned, but are contingent on funding,” he said.

The construction and renovations around campus have not caused any protests, but many students are unhappy about the construction detours.

Irene England, a freshman animal sciences major, said since she is new to campus, the construction makes it more difficult to find buildings.

“It makes it harder to get around campus because of all the detours,” England said. “It is easier to ride a bike than drive.”

Kristen Goldberg, a freshman liberal arts major, said her first impression of CSU would have been better had the construction not been around.

“It would have been nice if they had started it at the end of last year and finished it before the school year,” Goldberg said. “It would have been easier to find our way around campus and town without all of the orange cones and detours.”

Although the detours and roadblocks on campus are inconvenient for some students, Ellis said the construction will be done within a few days.

“They have a master plan of some sort,” Ellis said.

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