To the editor

Aug 222004

As a citizen of Colorado, I am completely embarrassed and infuriated at the behavior of CSU students over the past two nights. Every year we hear about these kids acting like complete imbeciles.

Here they are with a great opportunity to further their lives and instead they assault police officers, flip cars, have bonfires and destroy property … what a waste, what a way to start off the new year.

How is it that the university allows it to happen? How is it that students get the message that this is the way to behave? And how is it that so much drinking takes place when at least half the campus is underage?

As a solution, perhaps what you need to do is just let the rioting go on all night, let them flip every car on the street, break every window in their residence halls and then just leave it. Let them live in their self-created wasteland. Perhaps you can create a destruction of property deposit of say $3,000 a student, which will only be returned at the end of the year. If they can’t take care of the taxpayers’ dollars, they can spend their own.

“Knowledge to go places” – what a hollow motto?

-Chris Hertig

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