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Aug 222004

The first version of Ram Welcome’s day-long festivities, designed to welcome new students, began in 1991. The name that was initially given for the festivities was used for years until being dropped for “Ram Fest” and “Ram Welcome.” What was the original name for the event?

Answer: The first version of Ram Welcome was originally called “The Premier.”

Tuesday, August 24:

This is the 23rd year that the College of Business has provided its students with an esteemed speaker for Business Day, a cornerstone event among business and non-business majors alike. When Business Day was founded in 1979, which former president was the very first guest speaker the College of Business provided?

A: The speaker for the first-ever Business Day in 1979 was Ronald Reagan, who was then only known as the former governor of California.

Wednesday, August 25:

On Aug. 25 in 1997, a temporary University Bookstore was opened, and with it the first “book reservation” system. What event had occurred exactly one month earlier that forced the bookstore to come up with the time-saving reservation?

A: A month earlier, a flood had wiped out the University Bookstore’s entire fall semester stock, which it had to replace with all new books. With only a couple of weeks to go before “book rush,” which was normally self-service, the bookstore determined that in the interest of time, its staff would instead find the students’ books for them, a practice that eventually led to today’s book reservation service.

Thursday, August 26:

In 1995, the university founded today’s Water Center in order to allow the university’s water experts and students to work together on both broad and local water issues. What was the earliest event in Colorado State’s history that the Water Center eventually stemmed from?

A: In 1883, Elwood Mead initiated the irrigation engineering program, which later that year became part of the newly-established Department of Civil and Irrigation Engineering (today called the College of Engineering).

Friday, August 27:

Today, Colorado State’s entering freshman class is comprised of about 3,830 students from all backgrounds and ethnicities. What was the enrollment of freshmen in 1914, and how diverse was that entering class?

A: In 1914, only 202 freshmen were enrolled at Colorado State. While the ethnic diversity of the class is not known today, university records show that none of the 202 freshmen were women.

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