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Authors: Desiree Belmarez

“The Exorcist: the Beginning,” tells the story of Father Lankester Merrin and his first encounter with the demon Pazuzu. It takes place in pre-World War II Africa, before the two are reunited in the original Exorcist with Regan and her exorcism.

It began 55 years ago in Cairo, Egypt with a Christian Byzantine church built 1,500 years before the arrival of Christianity in East Africa.

The discovery of the ancient church prompts an archeological excavation and Father Merrin is asked to participate by a British antique collector.

During this excavation, many secrets surrounding the church are revealed and Father Merrin encounters Pazuzu.

Like many of today’s horror stories, “The Exorcist: The Beginning” has a lame plot. Finding an ancient, underground temple possessed with a being from the underworld – which brings harm and misfortune to anyone who encounters it-is a bit clich/.

But don’t let the clich/ plot prevent you from seeing the film. There are plenty of scenes that will keep you at the edge of your seat, especially when a hyena tears a young boy apart, limb-by-limb.

The “Exorcist: The Beginning” gets an ‘A’ for its effects. The atmosphere almost places moviegoers in a state of virtual reality.

Everything from a group of flies and maggots rising like a train of smoke from a crack in the ground to the contortionist backbend by a possessed woman will definitely keep the audience in awe.

The movie does have a few twists and turns that make it not as predictable as many horror films, including a microcosmic romance that gave the plot a bit more substance.

Travel back in time and learn about the demon, Pazuzu, and its relationship with Father Merrin. “The Exorcist: The Beginning” will keep you thinking and squirming long after it is over.

Rated: R

Ram Stars: 3 out of four

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