Rocky Mountian Showdown

Aug 222004
Authors: Erin Skarda, Justin Goldman

While the Rocky Mountain Showdown between CSU and University of Colorado-Boulder has been one of the major college football rivalries for many years, many CSU students will have to watch the game from home this year.

Under an agreement between the two universities, the next two years of the series will be played at the more than 53,000-seat Folsom Field in Boulder, starting with this year’s showdown on Sept. 4.

For the first time, a lottery will be held to determine which students get a chance to purchase tickets. While the exact number available is still undetermined, Gary Ozzello, senior associate athletic director, said he anticipates a total of 1,500 tickets for CSU students. This is a drastic cut to last year’s 10,000 student tickets.

Ozzello said that as of Wednesday, more than 4,000 students had already registered for the raffle, which is to take place on Wednesday.

Full-time students can register to win tickets to the long-time rivalry on their RAMweb accounts by clicking the ‘Enter Me in the Drawing’ button. The deadline to enter is 10 p.m. Tuesday.

The names of the students chosen will appear on on Wednesday by 4 p.m. These students can then purchase two tickets at the McGraw Center with a valid student ID for $60 each, which includes a free bus ride to Folsom Field.

At first, CSU was only allotted 4,000 tickets, but CU gave the Rams another 1,000, totaling 5,000 tickets for sale.

“Students should know that (Director of Athletics) Mark Driscoll went to Colorado State University and personally asked for another 1,000 tickets, so we are anxious and excited we can do that,” Ozzello said.

According to Sharon Rady, the athletic department ticket manager, the reason for the disproportionate amount of CSU student tickets is because the game is being treated as a regular away game .

Out of the 5,000 tickets CSU received, 3,000 were originally allotted for the Greater Ram Club, an association of alumni, faculty and staff who contribute more than $100 annually to CSU athletics.

“Whatever they don’t purchase will become available for students and put in the lottery,” Rady said.

CSU’s athletic department said it is imperative to have as many students at the game as possible.

“Our biggest priority is taking care of as many students as possible,” Ozzello said. “It is critical for the success of our football team to have as many students at Folsom Field as possible. We are doing everything we can to allot as many tickets to students as we can.”

While the athletic department encouraged students to register to win the tickets by sending various e-mails, posting a letter from football head coach Sonny Lubick on the CSU home page and informing diverse groups of the lottery, some students say they won’t attempt to win.

Stephanie Palmer, a freshman liberal arts open-option student, said that while she received the e-mails and was told of the lottery various times on campus, she wasn’t planning on registering to win the tickets.

“I think it sucks. (The game) isn’t on fair territory where we can go half and half,” Palmer said. “It’s not fair and I can’t understand the reason for it.”

Palmer, a Boulder native, said she went to the game at Invesco Field at Mile High two years ago and is excited for the series to continue.

“It’s always a fun game,” she said. “It’s a good rivalry.”

Dan Baneck, a junior construction management major, said he will not register to win the tickets because of the price.

Originally, after the 2005 game in Boulder, the series was not supposed to continue for two years. Ozzello said the athletic directors from both schools came to an agreement last winter to continue the series at least through 2014.

Future games will be held at Invesco Field at Mile High, Folsom Field and possibility at Hughes Stadium after renovations are completed in 2006.

Kickoff is set for 6:10 p.m. before a Fox Sports Net national television audience. Ozzello urged students to tune in to support the Rams and if the team is victorious, be waiting in Moby lot when the team returns from Boulder.

Rams, Colorado Extended Series




Sept. 9, 2006


Colorado State

Sept. 1, 2007

Folsom Field


Aug. 30, 2008


Colorado State

Sept. 5, 2009

CSU Choice

Colorado State

Sept. 4, 2010

Folsom Field


Sept. 3, 2011

Folsom Field


Sept. 1, 2012

CSU Choice

Colorado State

Aug. 31, 2013



Aug. 30, 2014


Colorado State


Full-time students log-on to RAMweb accounts, click on the ‘Enter to Win Tickets’ icon and follow prompts. Students must enter by 10 p.m. on Aug. 24.

The names of the students chosen will appear on on Wednesday, Aug. 25 by 4 p.m. E-mails will also be sent out to the winners.

Tickets can then be purchased at the McGraw Center Aug. 26- Aug. 30 with a valid ID for $60 each, including a free bus ride to Folsom Field.

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