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Aug 222004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Bonfires lit up the first weekend students spent in Fort Collins before classes started. For all freshmen involved in Saturday night’s riot, its ridiculous to expect respect from the community of Fort Collins and police when the first impression given is that of destruction and irresponsibility.

The mob mentality that went along with all the destruction can help ease the feeling of guilt the next morning for all the damage that occurred, but every single person who was there drinking was responsible.

It’s every person’s responsibility to walk away when things start getting out of hand and to notify the police before couches are lit on fire and cars are turned over.

Damage can occur not only to the areas where the riot took place, but also to the lives of those involved.

Few people know of the Riot Law, stating that if anyone is caught in association with a riot the university has the authority to expel that student and if expelled that student is unable to attend any state funded university in Colorado for 12 months after the expulsion.

Imagine calling your parents to tell them that you’ve been expelled before you’ve even started school.

Riots aren’t a tradition CSU wants to continue and the reputation of CU Boulder isn’t the type CSU would like to adopt. So let’s try to keep the destruction to a minimum and make sure that CSU and its students are known for something more positive.

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