Aug 182004
Authors: Jennifer Johnson

From finding classes to figuring out how to manage a schedule, the first few weeks of the semester can be hectic and demanding.

However, for Thomas Sasser, a freshman forestry major, preparing for the first week of school is all about getting to know the layout of the campus. He believes that it is helpful for students to get into a good routine to create better time-management.

“This is just the beginning, you need to stick with it and know what you came for,” Sasser said. He is ready for the year to begin and anxious to see how the first week will go.

During the beginning of school, “students should hit the ground running,” said Becky Thomas, an academic adviser at the Center of Advising and Student Acheivement, this way students can immediately begin to balance time.

Thomas also said students should set themselves up for good habits, which will encourage a consistency in class attendance.

She added that organization and time management are extremely important in maintaining good academic performance.

CSU provides several resources to help students maintain these qualities throughout the school year.

The Writing Center, Learning Assistance Center and Help/Success Center are just a few places students can go for help. Thomas also believes it is a good idea for students to speak with their adviser and instructors at the beginning of the year to continue good communication throughout the semester.

Sarah Cooper, a freshman open-option major, is beginning at CSU after taking a year off. She is excited for the first week of school, and knows time management is a key element.

With plans to balance her work and school schedule, Cooper realizes it is important for students to allot their time wisely.

Yet, regardless of the best intentions, time management is a struggle for many students when balancing school, work and outside activities.

“Work hard and play hard,” said Amanda Ziehl, a graduate student in agriculture and resource economics.

Ziehl feels it is important for students to reward themselves for their time spent on school and has learned how to balance her own hectic schedule.

“You just figure it out and do it,” Ziehl said.

For students who may be struggling during the first few weeks, Ziehl said to hold in there because it will get better and believes there are some simple things students can do to relieve stress.

“Get involved and meet people,” she said.

Cooper also encouraged students to take some time for themselves.

“Just find a quiet place to relax and breath every once in awhile,” she said.

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