Aug 182004
Authors: Nicole Burbank

For Scott Leturno physical fitness was one of the last things on his mind when he moved into Braiden Hall Wednesday morning.

“My main concern is getting rid of all this crap [in my room],” said Leturno, an open option freshman.

Like Leturno, many freshmen are more concerned with the start of school than their physical fitness, and where they will find it on campus.

However, the pursuit of physical fitness is prevalent on campus, and is available for students at the Student Recreation Center, or SRC, which opens for students on Friday, Aug. 20.

Though many students new to CSU might not be aware of it the first time they set foot on campus, the SRC offers a wide variety of activities for students to indulge in, ranging from athletically-geared classes to intramural sports.

“Many of our classes are free, and those that aren’t we offer at as low a price as possible for our students,” said Assistant Director of Strength and Fitness, Tamar Cline.

Any classes that do require fees are those which are expensive to host, Cline said.

An example of classes students must pay for are Mind Body classes, including yoga and pilates. Mind Body classes are free on a trial basis from Aug. 23-29. During that trial week, students may purchase an unlimited pass for the classes for $49. Following the trial week, individual classes are $4, or $59 for an unlimited semester pass.

Along with many of the classes offered, the SRC also offers a variety of facilities to students that can be used on a self-service basis. Among the campus facilities featured are indoor and outdoor volleyball and basketball courts, a swimming pool, a boxing area, racquetball courts and a newly expanded weight-lifting area.

“Even if your regular workout gets boring, you can always take a class for something different to do,” said Erin Troutner, a sophomore mathematics major, that began attending classes at the SRC in March of last year. “[The classes] are fun, and [are] made all the better if they’re free.”

The SRC also has regular workout equipment, from towels and locker locks to aquatic equipment and boxing gloves, available for free daily checkout.

A variety of outdoor recreation activities, including scheduled hikes and skill classes, are offered by the SRC as an appeal to outdoorsy students.

As winter approaches, the SRC also offers snow conditioning classes, which are geared towards students interested in winter sports and activities, including skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing.

Even if students do not choose to participate in the SRC classes, The Outdoor Adventure Program, located on the north end of the Lory Student Center, provides winter and general outdoor equipment at a minimal cost to students.

With the wide variety of activities available through Campus Recreation, students have different options to fit their schedule, which is a relief to freshman zoology major Faye Hornyak who spends much of her time dancing.

“A major concern is keeping up with my physical activities,” Hornyak said.

Contact Info: Tamar Cline

Office (970) 491-3319

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Erin Trouther

Cell (970) 222-5628

Scott Leturno

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Graphic idea:

The recreation center is open to all CSU students free of charge, though they must have their student I.D. with them in order to gain access to the building. All drop-in work-outs are free, which means that anyone wanting to come in and run on a treadmill can, just as long as the building is open.

Regular hours for the center are Monday-Friday, 6:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m., Saturday, 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., and Sunday, Noon-11:00 p.m. Peak hours are generally Sunday through Friday from three in the afternoon to eight at night, so students, especially those that are new, are encouraged to go in the mornings or early afternoon.

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