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Aug 182004
Authors: Lila Hickey

Whether it’s a pepperoni pizza at 10 p.m., a fruit smoothie before class, or vegetarian lasagna, CSU’s diverse dining facilities can cure the craving.

Dining Services feature twelve different “food concepts” at ten resident dining halls across campus. Themes range from the “everything-chicken” Cacklers at Newsom and Corbett halls to Ingersoll’s waffle bar.

This year, a new concept is arriving at Edwards Hall.

The Ram Deli, opening in October, will offer a large selection of deli foods and freshly made wraps, said Deon Lategan, director of Residential Dining.

Dining Services has also expanded hours of operation for Ingersoll and Edwards cafeterias, to compensate for closing Ellis Hall’s cafeteria last spring. Ingersoll, which used to serve only breakfast and lunch with no weekend service, is now open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays and for 10 weekend hours.

“They’re a 7-day operation now,” Lategan said.

Many students quickly decide which menus and dining halls they like best.

“I love grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup,” said Matthew Wedell, an open option sophomore.

Rebekah Hiney, a senior Spanish major, likes the made-to-order breakfast omelets at Ingersoll. She also enjoys the new features at Corbett Dining Hall, including fresh-baked bread and made-while-you-wait quesadillas and tacos at the Cactus Junction.

For some students, however the convenience is the best part of a campus meal plan.

“I like it all, because I lived off campus last year and I ate the same thing every day,” said Nathan Hrouda, a junior chemistry major.

With one of the Dining Service’s six meal plans, students can eat at any of the different dining halls and choose to eat in or get a Grab N’ Go takeout meal.

Students can also a purchase a Convenience Account, which allows them to eat at Lory Student Center restaurants like The Ramskeller, Subway, The Bagel Place, and Sweet Sinsations. Students place a minimum of $25 in their Convenience Account and spend the money by using their Student ID card at LSC restaurants.

Still, a good meal isn’t the only concern when choosing housing.

Many of the residence halls feature themes based on academic majors or common lifestyles and interests. These “Living Learning Communities” help students find others with similar interests and plans for the future.

“All the engineers kind of think alike,” said Kurt Miller, a junior mechanical engineering major.

Miller, who is returning to Allison Hall’s Community of Engineers (ACE) for his third year, enjoys being amongst like-minded people.

Students also choose their residence hall based on the type of rooms available. Housing Services at CSU offers standards, singles and suites.

A standard room, measuring about 200 square feet, is shared by two roommates and feature one communal bathroom per floor.

Single rooms, while more expensive, offer students the same space as a standard room without having to share. Due to increased interest in singles over the past several years, the university guarantees housing for all incoming freshman before offering single rooms, says Allison Fox, assistant director of assignments and billing for Housing Services.

“It’s nice [to have a single], because you still have the great community feel, but it’s a little more private,” said senior history major Cassandra Stelter.

Standard rooms are available in most halls on campus, with the exception of Braiden, Corbett and Parmelee, which offer only suite-style rooms.

Slightly smaller than standard rooms, two-person suites have an in-room sink and share a toilet and shower with the room next door. Suites cost about $250 more per semester than a standard room, but some students feel that having their own bathroom is worth the extra money.

“The suites do fill up quickly,” Fox said.

Whether a student is a fan of Cacklers or a strict vegetarian, looking for a social living situation or a quiet place to study, the university strives to appeal to all preferences.


LLC: Allison Community of Engineers

Dining: Alli’s on Laurel

Rooms: Standard


LLC: Global Village & Key Academic Communities

Dining: Main Street, Pasta al’ Strada, The Grill, Side Street, R&D Pizza

Rooms: Suites


LLC: Health & Exercise Science, Living Substance Free, & Leadership Communities

Dining: Cactus Junction, Cacklers, Deli Slice, Waffle Bar

Rooms: Suites


LLC: None

Dining: Located Near Durrell Center: Main Street, Pasta al’ Strada, The Grill, Country Breakfast Fair, Side Street

Rooms: Standard


LLC: Personal Computing and Pre-Vet Communities

Dining: Rams Deli, Cactus Junction

Rooms: Standard


LLC: None

Dining: None

Rooms: Standard, Singles Available


LLC: Ingersoll Residential College (College of Natural Sciences)

Dining: Country Breakfast Fair, Ingy Wraps, Waffle Bar, Main Street, Pasta al’ Strada

Rooms: Standard

New Hall:

LLC: None

p>Dining: None

p>Rooms: Suites, Singles Available


LLC: Honors Living Learning Community

Dining: Main Street, Cacklers, Deli Slice

Rooms: Standard


LLC: None

Dining: Main Street, Pasta al’ Strada, The Grill, R&D Pizza

Rooms: Suites


LLC: None

Dining: Located near Durrell Center: Main Street, Pasta al’ Strada, The Grill, Country Breakfast Fair, Side Street

Rooms: Standard

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