Jul 272004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

In Iraq Saddam Hussein spent his time ordering the killing of

his people, the destroying of the ecosystem and hiding in a


Today he spends his days tending a garden, eating muffins,

reading the Koran, exercising and watching his weight.

According to a CNN article, Saddam is kept apart from other

prisoners during his three hour outside break but spends this time

working on his garden.

This does not seem like the treatment a mass murdering evil

dictator deserves. It is apparent the United States treats Saddam

as a guest, not a prisoner to avoid claims of prisoner mistreatment

and abuse.

But there is a fine line between prisoner abuse and treating a

former evil dictator like he’s at the Hiatt.

We, as a country, are fighting a war in Iraq to show what a true

democracy is and to help others attain the same privilege. In this

we should live up to the same standards we are dying for others to


In real democracy people are punished for what they do wrong. In

a real democracy we treat people the same, if someone is famous and

evil and someone is off the street and evil they should be equally


It’s sad to think that if Saddam hadn’t killed so many in such a

famous fashion that he may be receiving the punishment he deserves

or might not even be around to afford such a luxury.

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