Jul 202004
Authors: Sara Crocker

Since late June, students have noticed more than posters hanging

from the Lory Student Center’s walls.

A plasma television provided by University Network is running

advertisements and campus news on the student center’s first floor.

It has been there since the end of June and will remain a fixture

across from the University ID/Vending Office during the school


“It’s a winning situation for us,” said Matthew Helmer, program

coordinator for Campus Activities.

Helmer said University Network contacted CSU about installing

the TV, and the company provided all the technology necessary to

run it. Helmer said CSU is one of eight other campuses to have this


The “network” has a common rotation. Helmer said the university

gets about one minute of airtime for every four minutes of


“The rest of the time is advertising purchased by national

advertisers,” Helmer said.

Helmer said the university plans to use its allotted time to run

advertising for special events and stores within the student


For now, there will only be one television, but Helmer said

there is always a chance of adding more.

Christine Voss, a junior speech communications major who works

at the University ID/Vending Office, has already noticed the

television’s impact.

“We had long lines during Preview,” Voss said. “It kept them


Voss said she thought the addition of the television was a good


“I think it could serve really good purposes for the university

because there’s so much traffic during the school year.”

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