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Jul 202004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

People don’t usually voluntarily turn themselves in for arrest

warrants that are more than 10 years old.

It’s a little different, however, when a person’s brother is

running for U.S. vice president.

Wesley Blake Edwards, brother to Democratic VP candidate John

Edwards, turned himself in Monday for a 10-year-old drunken driving

warrant stemming from a 1993 charge of driving under the influence,

careless driving and operating an uninsured vehicle in Aurora,

according to The Rocky Mountain News.

He voluntarily turned himself in five days before John Kerry and

John Edwards kick off a cross-country campaign trip Friday in

Aurora, where Kerry was born.

Convenient, isn’t it?

Actually, it was a pretty smart move by the Kerry campaign.

Although Wesley Edwards’ lawyer claims differently, the move was

likely an effort to avoid publicity of his client’s criminal

history later on when the campaign really heats up.

But what does that say about our society and our media?

Does it really matter what someone’s sibling did 10 years


It shouldn’t. It should matter what a presidential or vice

presidential candidate did in his or her past, but nearly everyone

has a brother or sister who has done something he or she


The candidate should not be punished for his or her family’s


Candidates should be judged on their platforms, their ideals and

their experience, not whether their brother has unresolved legal


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