Jul 202004
Authors: Chris Kampfe

CSU Student Media felt a loss this past spring as Director Larry

Steward announced his retirement after leading the department for

nearly two decades.

The feeling of loss recently shifted to anticipation, however,

when Rocky Mountain Collegian Newsroom Adviser Jeff Browne was

named to replace Steward July 13.

Following Steward’s announcement, a search committee took

applications from more than 80 candidates from around the country

to fill the position. Browne was chosen for the position after the

candidates participated in open forums consisting of technical

journalism and university faculty, Student Media faculty, as well

as representatives from Campus Television, KCSU, the Collegian and

the Colorado High School Press Association, the four organizations

that make up Student Media.

Browne said working alongside Steward has given him a strong

appreciation for the job he will be undertaking.

“I’m a little bit humbled by knowing that Larry Steward spent 18

years and it’s now fallen to me to carry on that legacy,” he


Browne’s experience with the Collegian and CSU made him a

contender for the position.

“Jeff is very familiar with the way Student Media currently

works with the university, which was to his advantage,” said Kim

Blumhardt, Student Media advertising manager and member of search

committee. “But he has good experience all around (including) good

experience in journalism.”

Browne has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University

of Nebraska, as well as a master’s in English education from the

University of Florida. His journalism experience includes serving

as a reporter and editor for three Florida daily newspapers during

the 1980s.

His background in education comes from nine years of teaching

journalism and English at Smokey Hill High School in Aurora. Browne

is in his sixth year with Student Media, serving as the Collegian

newsroom adviser and executive director of CHSPA.

Student Media employees reacted positively to Browne’s


“I’m very pleased. He’s a easy-going person to work with,” said

Gayle Adams, business manager for Student Media. “He’s very


Browne has already expressed plans to further the success of

each Student Media branch.

Browne hopes to expand CTV resources to create more on-site

training for students. Part of this would include bringing in

industry professionals to act as “hands-off” advisers to


Browne hopes to recruit CSU alumni in journalism to participate.

This will not only increase the end product, but also invigorate

alumni participation in the university, Browne said.

Browne has plans to make Student Media more interactive with its

audience as well. He hopes to incorporate CSU’s technological

resources to create more two-way communication, hoping Collegian

readers will contribute their opinions and ideas.

“The Collegian needs to think of itself as engaged in two-way

conversations with the readers,” Browne said. “(The Collegian)

needs to reach out to diverse audiences for contributions other

than just letters to the editor.”

Browne also hopes to expand the news programming on KCSU and

incorporate more original news-type stories into the


“Since he’s worked at the Collegian for so long and around all

of us (at Student Media), he’s really easy-going,” said Mike

Santos, program director for KCSU. “All the advisers are really

(easy-going), which is why Student Media is so successful here, the

advisers are so good. I think Jeff will do a great job.”

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