May 062004
Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

Fifteen years, three positions and a bachelor’s degree later,

Cara Neth is leaving CSU.

Neth, currently assistant to CSU President Larry Penley, will

end her CSU career at the end of May and will take a position at

ISIS Public Relations and Marketing in Fort Collins.

“Cara Neth has had a long and distinguished career at the

university,” said Tom Milligan, assistant vice president for

University Relations. “She’s been a real asset to the institution

for a long time.”

Neth has also worked in the Office of University Relations and

in Human Resource Services.

But Neth’s legacy at CSU did not begin with her multi-faceted


In 1987, she was editor in chief of the Collegian, graduating

with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Her father, Cecil Neth, was

a journalism professor at CSU for several years.

“She’s definitely part of the CSU family and will still be so,”

Milligan said. “Everybody knows her and everybody likes her.”

Neth is excited to see what the future will bring for her and

CSU alike.

“I think it’s a great opportunity, a chance to take on some

different types of work,” Neth said. “I’m sad to be leaving CSU

because I’ve been here a long time and I love it.”

She has seen CSU through many significant changes.

She was here for the flood of 1997, former Professor Emeritus

Tom Sutherland’s return from captivity in Beirut and the switchover

between former CSU President Albert Yates and Penley.

“I hope that (CSU) continues to thrive and that is able to be

freed from some of the financial constraints that are making it

difficult,” Neth said. She said CSU has a “unique character” that

has helped the university to succeed.

Those Neth worked with are disappointed at her departure but

wish her the best for her future.”

“We’re sad to see her go, but we’re glad to see her moving on,”

Milligan said. “It’s been a great experience for her.”

Penley could not be reached for comment, but Neth said he has

been very understanding about her decision to leave.

“Dr. Penley has been as nice as he could be,” Neth said.

“Transitions are always a challenge.”

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