May 052004
Authors: Gabriel Dance

While sitting on a deck overlooking the banks of the Poudre

River and sipping an Easy Street, it is easy to let your mind

wander and your worries slip downstream. Watching hummingbirds feed

and trout jump when nestled in Colorado mountains, you can hear

water washing over rocks, wind blowing through trees and a sick

guitar riff splitting through the crisp air.

Located almost 14 miles up the Poudre Canyon, just off Highway

14, Mishawaka Amphitheatre has been providing live outdoor music

since being homesteaded in 1916 by a music teacher out of Fort

Collins. And having hosted great acts such as Joan Baez, Ziggy

Marley, Yonder Mountain String Band and Big Head Todd and the

Monsters, there’s no doubt that it’s an excellent venue to catch

popular acts; it’s both a treat to the ears as well as the


“Concerts at Mishawaka are great because of the atmosphere and

setting in the mountains,” said owner Robin Jones.

And helping kick off the summer concert season this Sunday at

“the Mish,” as it is fondly called, is Fort Collins’ longtime

rockstars, Twelve Cents for Marvin.

“Mishawaka is a great place to play because you’re outside,”

said Greta Cornett, trumpet player for Twelve Cents.

The Mish was named after Mishawaka, Ind., a city that has many

similarities to the amphitheatre. The city is also set on a river,

the St. Charles, as well as located near an area called LaPorte,

according to Jones.

Although it is Twelve Cents first time playing at the Mish,

Cornett said the group is definitely excited.

“It offers a great mix of the outdoors and good music,” she


Twelve Cents for Marvin, a funk-reggae-ska band, has been

rocking venues throughout Fort Collins and the western United

States since 1996, proving themselves a mainstay on the music

scene. Local artists have come and gone, but Cornett says the

band’s longevity is the result of lead singer Tom Werge and bassist

Hilary Spriggs.

“Tom and Hillary have continued to bring in new people that add

new dimension to the band,” Cornett said.

Twelve Cents has released three studio albums to date including

“Yellow Raincoat,” “King of the Ring” and the bands most recent

“The EP.” “Social Suicide,” the first track off the newest album,

is also featured on “Still Standing,” a compilation album

featureing artists such as the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and the


This summer both the amphitheatre and the band have quite a bit

on their plates.

“We’ve got a lot of great shows this summer, and we’re still

adding more,” Jones said.

Summer concerts on tap for the Mish include Yonder Mountain

String Band and Sound Tribe Sector 9 in June, Keller Williams and

O.A.R. with Howie Day in July, and Leftover Salmon and .moe in


Twelve Cents has a full schedule as well. They perform this

Friday at Herman’s Hideaway in Denver and will also perform at

Conor O’Neills on May 15 and Brewfest on June 27.

Updated concert schedules and information can be found at and

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