May 052004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Shandra Jordan

Colleen Buhrer

Patrick Crossland

Christopher J. Ortiz

For many students, the week before finals is spent trying to

find the balance between writing papers, preparing for tests and

even taking them. But for students at some schools, the week before

finals is spent, shockingly, preparing for finals.

When the Kyle and Dustin Associated Students of CSU presidential

ticket proposed implementing dead week at CSU, the proposal

included having classes the week before finals be review sessions

and be optional.

We are not too confident that their idea of dead week would have

be plausible, but teachers do need to realize students have

enormous pressure the weeks prior to finals week.

This Monday, CSU President Larry Penley replied to a question

about enforcing dead week in a column in the Collegian.

Penley wrote, “CSU doesn’t have a dead week policy but we do

have a policy that states faculty are expected to give finals only

during the designated finals week. If you encounter this problem,

I’d advise you to talk to the head of that academic


According to today’s front-page story, CSU’s undergraduate

catalog states that “no class examination constituting more than 10

percent of the final course grade may be given in undergraduate

courses during the week preceding the final examination period of

the semester.”

The concept behind dead week is to relieve students’ stress

before finals week and to allow students to prepare for final exams

and papers. Professors and instructors need to make sure they are

not overloading students with projects and papers before finals


Some graduate schools have a week off between dead week and

finals week, giving students the entire workweek to prepare.

Compromise between students and faculty needs to happen so

students can do better on finals. The university needs to create an

environment for students to perform as well as they can.

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