May 042004
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


Shandra Jordan

Colleen Buhrer

Patrick Crossland

Kyle Endres

Christopher J. Ortiz

Vice President Dick Cheney will give the commencement speech at

Florida State’s graduation. FSU’s College Democrats organized an

effort demanding that FSU’s president ask Cheney not to use the

platform for another political speech, reports CNN.

Last Monday, Cheney used a speech at Westminster College in

Missouri to criticize Sen. John Kerry’s voting record against

funding for weapons programs. He was invited there to speak on

foreign policy; not to attack Kerry or his voting history.

Westminster College’s president Fletcher Lamkin sent an e-mail

to students, faculty and staff saying he “was surprised and

disappointed” that the vice president choose “Kerry-bashing” in his

address, CNN reports.

FSU’s vice president for Student Affairs assured the vice

president’s speech would not be political.

Though some might regard the student organization’s motives as

trying to censor the other side, we feel FSU students deserve

having a speech about the future and dreams and other

clich�s that usually fill up graduation speeches.

This year’s election is proving to be ugly and dirty and it

seems politicians on both sides will take advantage of any time in

the spotlight to attack each other.

Although Cheney was probably invited to speak because he is a

notable politician, there are times when politicians need to leave

out their political agendas.

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