Ask President Penley:

May 022004

“How do you intend to improve making students more welcomed in

the Fort Collins community?”

Jeff Parsons

Junior, mechanical engineering

President Penley replies:

“This is an important question. Students are a big part of the

Fort Collins community and do a lot to support the economic

vitality and quality of life in Fort Collins. At the same time, we

know there can be conflicts at times between students and those who

have made a permanent home in the city. I’ve been very pleased

about the creation of a community liaison position that is

supported jointly by CSU and the City of Fort Collins. Jen Johnson,

a graduate student in our Student Affairs in Higher Education

program, took over this role Feb. 1 and works to help strengthen

relations between students and the off-campus community. I’m sure

she would welcome your suggestions for how to make Fort Collins

more welcoming for all.”

“Can you promise to attend Black Student Services events?”

Theresa Grangruth

Administrative assistant for BSC

President Penley replies:

“Whenever students invite me to their events, I always wish I

could say yes. But scheduling priorities dictate that I’ve got to

pick and choose — and allocate my time based on where my

participation will do the most good for CSU on any given day. This

means I often have to miss things I would very much like to do in

favor of those things I have to do as president. Still, I

appreciate being invited to student events and will try to

participate when I’m able.”

“Do you plan to meet students in the residence halls and, if so,

would you be willing to do a fireside chat?”

Tiffany Bailey

First year graduate student

President Penley replies:

“I visited in the halls last fall and walked around trying to

meet as many students as I could. I try to get out on campus as

much as I can to meet with students, staff and faculty. I’ve found,

though, that when students see me walking across campus, they’re

often too shy to come up and say hello. (Of course, many also don’t

know who I am!) But I really want to invite CSU students to stop me

and introduce themselves at any time, not just in a formal setting.

Interacting with students is the best part of my job, and I want to

know about you – what you care about and what concerns you. If

you’d like to try to schedule a fireside chat in your hall, please

call the President’s Office and we’ll see what we can set up.”

“Do you think we are through the tough period with budget cuts?

Are we out of the financial hole? (Do you) foresee significant

increases in tuition and fees?”

John Ugarte

Senior, Spanish

President Penley replies:

“I wish I could say that all the budget cuts are behind us, but

Colorado higher education is facing an extremely complicated fiscal

crisis that the state has yet to resolve. I encourage you to read

the Collegian and CSU’s online e-Comment newsletter for the latest

news on what’s happening in terms of the university’s budget.”

“How can you enforce Dead Week?”

Chloe Pepperd

Junior, human development and family studies

President Penley replies:

“CSU doesn’t have a Dead Week policy, but we do have a policy

that states faculty are expected to give finals only during the

designated finals week, not before. If you encounter this problem,

I’d advise you to talk to the head of that academic


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